An excerpt from the inaugural interview marking the appointment as Professor of chamber music at the hmdk Stuttgart:


Intense work in a chamber music ensemble in which the musicians have diverent origins, ways of working and experience teaches you how to get along with each other, reach musical compromises, to give and take criticism respectfully and to be modest. It comes down to working for the greater good and sharing responsibility.


Are there courses that you think need to be
offered, perhaps that you did not get during
your studies, or skills you wish to share that
weren’t part of your studies?
I want to encourage students to work in a goal-oriented way, to take responsibility individually and not to take a wait-andsee approach. Besides teaching technique and di erent interpretational impulses, lessons are about the mutual exchange of thoughts and ideas.
I consider a certain exibility and a broad range of musical activities to be particularly important for musicians these days, as the life and role of musicians is constantly changing and can be very diverse. Stage and mental training can help you to understand yourself better and how to deal with problems such as stage fright.
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Master’s in chamber music

Audition: 30th of June 2021 at the HMDK Stuttgart, Urabanstraße Urbanstraße 25, 70182 Stuttgart

Deadline: 15th of April 2021

Information about the programme is available here.

Ensembles studying at Master’s level will be mentored by the three HDMK chamber music professors:

Martin Funda, Stefan Fehlandt and Florian Wiek

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Bachelor’s in solo Violin

Further information about the Bachelor’s degree in solo violin can be found here.

Please feel free to contact me via email with any queries about the programme.