Mozart Complete

The Armida Quartett has a particular focus on Mozart until 2021. They are artistic consultants for the new Urtext edition of the Mozart String Quartets from G. Henle Verlag.

Their edition will be the basis of a forthcoming recording of the complete quartets.

Additionally, their fingerings and bowings will be available to download via the G. Henle app.



The complete quartets, in combination with contemporary works and other art forms, will be presented in the series Mozart exploded in Berlin.

More information can be found here.



Martin Funda will also perform the complete Mozart violin sonatas with the pianist Lucas Blondeel.

From 2019/20, they will present a Mozart violin sonata cycle in Berlin. Some of the sonatas will be performed on the Hammerklavier and with a violin from Mozart’s time.

Further information on this project will be available soon.